Friday, April 11, 2008

Thank the little baby jesus, it's a miracle.

Help files. while wordy and not always clear, are a thing of beauty. I learned three new things today regarding Adobe products and it is a nice way to end the week.

Last month, I received a file that had been :cleaned up a bit for you" abd thought that would be a good thing. When I imported the file into my magazine, I also imported about 60 style sheets that were, ummm, excess baggage. Totally unwarranted. Anything but "cleaned up".

They really aren't a total hinderance, but when I am formatting text, they were a huge pain in the ass because my style sheet palette would scroll to the bottom and I was working with the top 6 (of the now 60 or so) style sheets. Some internet weirdness also prevented me from deleting them properly.

So this month, before I import anything new, I was determined to have a clean palette. The Help file! Yes! It took about 5 minutes total. Delight.

This was all in InDesign. My success took a left turn in my brain and distracted me with finding a way to make contact sheets in Photoshop. Surely a program designed for professional use would be able to make contact sheets, but I have been looking for months and not found it(key: think submenu). Today I was determined that if I couldn't find it, I could at the very least figure out a way to make my own contact sheet.

The Help file! Yes!

I immediately came across a way to make set sheets which gives you a choice of 1 8x10, 2 5x7s, 9 wallets, etc. It also lets you take the wallets and switch in different pics. I was delighted.

In an effort to recreate what I had just done, in a flash, it caught my eye. In the same submenu as the set sheets, there it blahx3



Anonymous said...

ahhh the wonderful learning curve!

weese said...

wits amazing how many people never think to use the help system.