Sunday, April 20, 2008

A boy I once knew...part three

I had a serious buzz going and this beautifully prety boy asked me if he could kiss my lips. Inches from my face. And I couldn't speak. No thought was necessary, however, because I could think of nothing more pleasant than having Jamie kiss my lips. I gave a slight nod and closed my eyes as I felt Jamie's hands slide in through my hair, cradling my head gently, drawing my lips closer to his. I stopped breathing when his lips brushed mine and he kissed me. Longingly. Passionately. Gently. Softly.

We stood there kissing for what seemed an eternity. Then suddenly I heard three more beers being cracked open and placed on the table in the kitchen. Wendy was gently nudging us toward lunch. I could breathe again and treasured the feeling of my heart racing in my chest.

Jammie and I joined Wendy in the kitchen and sat down for lunch. I think at this point, it was a very good thing to be geting some substantial food into my system. We ate in relative silence, totally focused on the food in front of us. The salad was cool and crisp and the ribs were moist and tender, falling off the bone just as your teeth sunk into them. The silence was shattered by Wendy's simple declaration to the joy of Thursday. "I love Thursday." I later learned that I was taking part in a weekly ritual. Thursday is for ribs. Every Thursday for the past 3 years, since Sandy got the house. Sandy is the woman who made the ribs. Sandy is Jamie's sister and works as a nurse at the hospital in the next town over. Sandy bowls with my mother. Connections were suddenly made in my mind putting some pieces of the puzzle together.

Lunch was done and Wendy was doing the few remaining dishes. Jamie and I were seated back in front of the fire and he was asking me something about his hair. I was distracted with thoughts of how to be sure he would be kissing me again. "I said, where do you think is the best place to cut my hair?"

Jamie's question registered and I found myself automatically explaining that the bathroom is generally best because there is usually good light, and sitting on the toilet made for easy enough turning to facilitate the cutting process.

When Wendy heard the conversation turn toward cutting, she went out to her car to collect my scissors. I had them with clips, a comb, and a cutting cape in an old styrofoam six pack cooler. It was old and falling apart, but functional. As she came back into the house, naturally stopping at the beer fridge, Jamie stood up and took my hand leading me toward the bathroom.

"How do you want me?" Blush crept up my cheeks and I felt like I was on fire. Jamie saw it and kissed me again leaving me breathless. I told him if he wanted a haircut, he would have to suspend his random kissing of my lips. He reached up and pressed play on the cassette player on the shelf over the toilet. The bathroom was suddenly filled with the sounds of the Rolling Stones singing "Time Is On My Side" and Jamie was singing right along with them, his answer to my request that he suspend his kisses.

Jamie was in some way being totally sincere and serious, but regardless, it brought on a fit of giggles. Once I could control myself enough, I told him I would need his hair Thoroughly wet again before I could begin. With no thought to modesty, Jamie dropped his sweats and jumped into the shower. As that happened I started giggling again and told him I was excusing myself until he was again toweled off and dressed.

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Not quite torture, but close enough. ;)