Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Accupuncture Week Two and Prize Knitting

Week two of accupuncture and Herbs began yesterday. My second visit was last Thursday and that was a 16 needle day. Yesterday (my third visit) was an 18 needle day. I am not sure why the obsession of counting the needles, maybe to avert my attention from ever seeing them, but count them I do, maybe just so I can report.

And then there are herbs. I have been drinking my herbs like a good girl. I have seen more improvement in the last week than I ever had with traditional medicine. For three years, it has been trial and error with the docs, mostly error in relation to my new Eastern therapies. It's working. That's all I need to know. I am meeting up with my lady accupuncturist to get some new herbs this afternoon and I will see her again on Thursday.

To spare you the loveliness of accupuncture pics (besides not having any), I have included the current knitting race. These are pics of the Vagina Brackets prize. I started knitting it last night while watching and listening to Eckhart Tolle on the "A New Earth" web class he is doing with Oprah. We have been doing this with some fellow bloggers, and find it is easier to listen while being otherwise creative with the hands.

So the prize scarf has been started. EB has me making some backup CDs at work and each one takes about half an hour. There is noone else in the office today (we should be eeking) and I can't really do anything else while the CDs are collecting and burning, so I brought some knitting in to pass the time. I am about a third done with it, so it should be finished by the weekend at the latest. Any one brazen enough to claim it today?

I scanned the scarf and adjusted the color a bit in Photoshop and I my monitor the colors look pretty close, perhaps just a tad bit brighter than the scarf is, but close. Now that I have seen them on the blog, they look a bit dark, but not something i am going to stress over, when You win it and receive it in the mail, you'll get a closer approximation I suppose.

Time to knit some more.


the only daughter said...

My resolution here at work is pretty cruddy, but if its what I think..what does one do to claim a queen maxine original?

SassyFemme said...

oh pur-tee! I want it! Watch one of u hot weather bitches win!

Glad you are doing better with the new treatments.

the only daughter said...

I must have skipped a section before. Sheesh.

Anyway..I meant to also add that I'm not even thinking about the needles but so glad that they and the herbs are workin' for ya.

the only daughter said...

Oh I can see it muuuuch better now.

Pretty much what I thought/imagined, but better. Very pretty. Very gay. Very coveted. hehehe