Thursday, April 05, 2007

no more being nice to jackasses

That title was what I said to one of my favored coworkers as I was leaving work tonight. No. More. Being. Nice. To. JACKASSES!!!

One of my coworkers is such a jackass(okay, really there are 2 total jackasses and 3 who are jackasses just 50% of the time). Could you tell? I have strong obstacles in dealing with her and she is definitely vying for the top of my challengeswithjackasses list.

So the favored coworker has a problem with the way she was booked this evening. The chi would not be good as it was set, so we did a little juggling. I first called client A, none other than eb, and asked her to come earlier. Then I called client B and asked her to come a little later. No problem. Then, Client C was 30 minutes late, yes, arriving at almost the same time as client B who was coming later.

So the favored coworker does part of client C's service, not what she was booked for, but favored coworker is good at adding on extra services and then juggling them in with everyone involved remaining happy. As she finished up a wax for client C, client B arrives. During the wax, she learns that client C would also like a hilite. Also, not the haircut she was booked for.

Rather than say no to one of her clients, she asked her if she would mind if the jackass did her as she had no client booked this evevning. (Everyone, no matter how much of a jackass, should be booked this close to Easter. It's a fact of salon life that is often hell for us little old receptionists.)

Client C said that would be fine as long as the favored coworker was doing the cutting.

So favored coworker talks to jackass who readily agrees, because not only is she a jackass, but she is a greedy jackass. Also, a whineyass jackass. The whole time she was getting it together to do the hilite for client C, she was whining about why should she do only the hilite? Why did favored coworker get the wax and cut?
You see, greedy whineyass jackass contends that I give all the walkins to favored coworker (I don't) and if I had given client C to her to begin with, she would be doing all 3 services. Jackass also has a hearing problem, well, a listening problem, because favored coworker had clearly stated this was her regular client.

Client C comes up to pay and was apparently upset. Maybe she just wanted to be out of the salon, but when she saw her total she was genuinely shocked. I asked her if jackass neglected to discuss the price with her and she said yes. So egomaniacal receptionist that I am, I used the power bestowed on me by the boss lady, and I cut her ticket, no questions asked. I have had this problem with jackass padding her tickets before and the ticket has a spot for the stylist to specifically go over all charges and list the total fee for the client to initial, It's sort of required script that most stylists ignore, but when I know it is an issue, I tell the boss lady and she reviews it with the stylist personally to avoid future issues.

She also felt that jackass delayed in getting to her and when she sees her hair in the daylight tomorrow, she will not be seeing much hilite, so that will be an issue for another day.

Then, she asked who was working the desk this morning (not me) and told me she specifically said she could not make 630, it would definitely be 7, and if she had been properly booked, no magnificant shuffling would have been required.

Client C was satisfied and jackass loses commission. I can't wait til tomorrow to chat with the boss lady.


the only daughter said... game..
no more being nice to jackasses--premiere edition.

KMae said...

Great entry!
What a fucking asswipemotherfucking JACKASS!!
She is gona be SO pissed when she sees the result of her greediness.
Why doesn't bosslady just fire her & be done with one less JACKASS???

The newly'in love'Deborah is right...
No Being Nice To Jackasses--PREMIRE EDITION!