Tuesday, April 24, 2007

bird season

Nola just had the first baby bird of the season completely in her mouth. That means I just had the first mama bird of the season in my hair.

She dropped it on command, she is such a good girl, and for the first time, Lilli Munster got a little taste of baby bird. What a tag team.

Birds are all fine and recovered. Me? Not so much.



weese said...

who knew they had that hunting instict thing goin' on.

maxine said...

MinPins were initially bred to remove vermin from estates in the 1800s. They are a cross between a Daschund and an Italian Greyhound.

the only daughter said...

years ago when we were in Mississippi for a vist, the boy child accidently disturbed some birdies..they took exception and to this day, he gives flying creatures a wide berth.

mama bird in hair...yikes!

WordsRock said...

We had our first bird of the season in the screened porch already. He must have come in through the doggie door.

Screened porches and bird poop should never co-mingle.