Thursday, April 19, 2007

Into the washer she goes

I felted the Dancing Grrls Bag this morning. I need to let it dry some and give it a shave, and maybe it still needs another trip through the washer. One can never be certain about such things. I think I like it, maybe. It will be an awesome knitting bag of nothing else, and there is still a lot of finishing to be done on it.

After two trips through the wash, the bag has shrunk from roughly 16X16 inches to 15X13 which is close to the suggested pattern post felting measurement of 13 high and 16 wide. Maybe no more washer time for this beauty.

It still needs 5 rounds of crochet around the top which will take away the slight waviness, and then a twisted strand drawstring. Also it will need a six stitch i-cord strap which is sewn on with metal rings. I might modify that part somehow. Or I might not. It depends on what I think of it after I get the crocheted edging done.

This bag also calls for little dolls to be buttoned on and I am definitely ommiting them as I think they are a bit unseemly. Overkill if you will. Just a little *too* folkish for me.

On another note, I have an interview for a potential salon manager opening. It is not a definite opening yet, and it might lead nowhere, but it is an interview. This means a little shopping is in order, so eb will not be out to play on Sunday until later in the day. Her assistance is required. Cross something, please.

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the only daughter said...

Hope it's not too late to cross... crossing everything I can! Much luck on whatever, whenever. :)