Sunday, October 29, 2006

Time change

It's really already after 9, so when I was up with Lilli Munster at 630, it was really 730, late actually for the morning routine. Early for Sunday. But awake, I am, nonetheless. Early, too, considering we were ending the season four binge at 145 a.m., which only 15 minutes later was officially an hour earlier.

So now we have to wait. for Season 5 to grace out debit card with its presence. It will happen. I am not sure it is available yet as I have not seen it for sale anywhere, but if Santa can bring it, I am certain he will, and if he can get his hands on it before xmas, we will be watching it. I am not so sure I would be as hooked if I had to watch this weekly and with commercials. Watching it on DVD is brilliant and compelling.

I am also knitting the loveliest soft 100% Fine Merino Wool. It is made in Italy be and is called Autunno. The color combination ranges from black and green to black and pink, all skillfully spun in a single ply worsted weight with shifting hues that produce a self striping garment. I am ennamored, can you tell? I am making legwarmers for my hairdresser,a;ll the while letting my brain spin out of control about what I can make for myself with this. I might post ap ic later of the work in progress. I might not.


KMae said...

Hi Max!
Hate the time change every year around now.
Glad you are doing so well with it.
It's COLD,
time for your knitting.

the only daughter said...

The fall change I like much it's the Spring that sucks cheese. Next year, have you heard? will happen earlier and later, instead of April-October will be March-November.

I'm drooling over a look at your knitting. Not begging, but pleeeaasseee show.

WordsRock said...

My sister in Arizona doesn't have to experience the time change. I find it fascinating how that whole state just doesn't conform with what the rest of the world is doing.

TOD, they are changing when the time will change? What is up with that!?