Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I need an iTunes Tutor

Last night I was ot online as the wireless had dropped. I did not need to be online. All I wanted to do was rip and play a few CDs. The latest version of iTunes is fucking with me. Either that, or I am just not bright enough to be on a Mac. I finally found the feature to disable the MAc from retrieving info about the cd from the internet, and then I rebooted. In fact, I had to do a hard shut down three times as iTunes kept getting hung. Even after turning off the get info feature, I still could not rip or listen to music.

This morning. Dear Sweet Elizabeth fixed the wireless. I opened up my laptop. I inserted the same CDs I wanted to rip last night. Zippadeedoodah. No issues. Well, Some of this music is a little twangy for me, but otherwise, no issues.

My other dilemma, Somw of my letters are beginning to chip away on my keyboard. I will soon have a jacked up looking keyboard with sharpie letters all over the place. Nice.

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chapin said...

I don't know if I can offer help but I'll be glad to try if you have more questions about iTunes. I fight with it from time to time and so far I've always won. ;-)