Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Not. Quite. Right.

I just resized about 35 photos in Photoshop for the March issue of EB's magazine. I was on oh, maybe the 32nd one, and I had a weird sense of time revolving around me. I can't really describe it beyond something not being quite right. It wouldn't surprise me at all if EB goes to use these(hopefully not at the last minute), and she says to me, "Baby? Exactly what the fuck happened to all these lovely construction photos? Do them again. Please"

As I am typing my hands are a little shaky. Like the fingers aren't mine and they don't quite know what to do beyond hovering over a key my brain wants them to land on. It is a slow motion sort of thing where deliberate concentration is required for my brain to think each letter on its own rather than think in words. Disconnect.

Must be time for a vacation. I predict I will be better in exactly two days.


Anonymous said...

perhaps, if something is wrong, you will get a spsnking!

SassyFemme said...

That's really weird. Beyond the disconnect, any chance your blood sugar was off?