Friday, February 08, 2008

2 pics for Friday

I am still sifting through my father's negatives of 50 or so years ago, and today, these two brought a chuckle. What is that woman thinking as she helps her *friend* with her garter? Is it a woman? Drag, anyone? Don't you just covet that sweet suthahn belle hat? (Weese, you know you want the whole ensembele!)I am glad the woman in the chair is wearing a solid color, because any pattern competing with that chair, even though I want it, might make me have to sit down. And put my hand on my hip doing so.


5 comments: said...

...sheesh! Doesn't ANYONE take bad candid pics in the 50s??

Everyone's dressed up -- everyone's hair is perfect... I hate to think what the kids 50 years from now are going to think about pics of me!

Jeeze mon!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE these pics!!!
I think you guys should try and replicate the second one. I know you can do it

the only daughter said...

hubba, hubba.

SassyFemme said...

What was she thinking (or not thinking) with that hat? Holy hell!

weese said...

i think my parents had that same chair. what a print.