Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Needles and Herbs

Yay, we just got airfare for the cruise!! Whoopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Long time no blog. It's so sad. Last week I had to rush off to Atlanta to save the day for my company. On the flight home we had to sit on the runway in Atlanta for 3 hours only to be let back into the terminal for an hour, only to sit on the runway for another hour before our measly 2 hour flight home. Can you say germs?

In general, I don't get sick. My disease aside, I am fortunate to have relative good health. There was a terribly insidious bug on that plane. As we sat there breathing the anything but pure germ infested air, I could feel my throat getting dryer by the minute and before the end of it, it was on fire.

Thursday was lost to travel. I tried to work on Friday but was battling a high fever that Tylenol was having a hard tiome maintaining. I couldn't concentrate and after an hour or so I went home and stayed in bed all day with Nikita (EB totally unserstands). On Saturday I worked at JCP for 4 hours and it wore me out. My fever was still hanging around, but Tylenol every 3.75 hours took care of it.

On Sunday, I felt better, but if I did anything more than walk to the couch from the bed, I was unable to catch my breath. I had the good fortune to look at two DSW coupons ($10 each that could be used together!)to see they expired when? Not the 10th, but the 3rd. I took my skankhobralessputabaseballcapon ass to DSW to use my xmas gift card before those coupons expired. I got 3 new pair o shoes and spent less than $15. Gotta love gift cards. And coupons.

I'm here to tell you about it, so yes, I lived, but that trip to the shoe store just about wiped me out. All in all with this bug, I was even too sick to knit. That's just shy of requiring hospitalization, y'know?

Now back to my disease for a minute. I have been dealing with the niceties of Crohn's (or *just* IBD or UC depending on the doc) for about 3 years now and I am beginning to get a bit put out with it all. Various meds that after insurance still come in at about $100 a month just aren't cutting it. For $100 a month I want better results dammit.

So we have a friend who has gone to school for Traditional Chinese Medicine. I asked her some questions, she sent me some links...I am almost ready for the needles and herbs. Do any of you have any direct experience with this? Talk to me people!


Anonymous said...

sick sucks

a word about traditional chinese medicine....many moons ago I was a chef at the MCH. We brought over workers from China.One day Chong went to light the grill putting his face within inches...I yelled for him to stop because I smelled gas...too late. It blew him into me and the two of us across the entire kitchen. His face was bright red, bubbling and peeling soon after. I tried to get him to a hospital but he refused. He jumped a train to Chinatown. He was gone for 4 days and upon his return there was relatively small signs of injury. Within the month there were none. I asked what had healed him...he smiled..."chinese medicine" was all he would say.

SassyFemme said...

Just be sure to find out about any interactions between the herbs and the meds. you're already taking. Also, know exactly what it is you're taking. If, God forbid, you get sick or have an accident and end up in the hospital there are side effects of some herbs, such as increased bleeding, that they need to be ready to handle.

I seem to get sick almost every time we fly now. KL is right, sick sucks.