Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Must. Count. Needlles.

I think Percetta was making up for the fact that I did not go to accupuncture last week. Either that, or she was thinking in terms of birthday spankings. I mentioned the impending fete and she congratulated be, but honestly, all I did was put 44 on her brain.

When I first started accupuncture in March, 22 was the magic number and for the first month or so, I counted needles every time. I unconsciously stopped that obsession when after a visit or so I lost count, but today, for some reason, I found myself counting in a very soothing and meditative sort of way. I watched the Count from Sesame Street float by in my thoughts like a cloud passing as each needle was driven home.

Six months later and I have yet to eyeball any needles. Not in me. Not in the tray afterward, not in their sanitary trappings beforehand. I did see the box of needles today, but really, that's as visual as I need to get. Don't Want. To see them.

This week of birth celebration has brought gifties from afar in the mail. Ladies, I thank you all.


Jess said...

Happy Birthday :)

the only daughter said...

I am still soo weirded out by the thought of the needles, it could be one. go!


kitty litter said...

ooo happy burpday!!!

SassyFemme said...

Happy Birthday!!!

weese said...

Happy Birthday Queen.