Thursday, September 04, 2008

I've done it now....

That's right. when I saw $218 dollars for the round trip flight, I went and did it. I have invited the wrath of winter upon us. I have never returned home in the winter since my escape in April of 1987. We have gone to visit some bloggers in CT in Feb, but never November. I am hoping that since it is before Thanksgiving that some mercy will be involved and we won't end up snowbound. with my mother. Of course there has been snow on my birthday in those parts before (9/11).

I can't believe summer is basically gone and the holidays will soon be upon us. By that I guess I mean the summer months as it will be summer weather well into October, if not November. It feels like it is time to begin cooking again. Real cooking all the time. It is certainly a commitment I want to make to myself and to eb, but then life happens and I so often feel lazy about it. Maybe with summertime leaving us, it will more readily happen.

I think a key to it happening is getting the pantry reorganized and restocked in a more naturally functional way. It's a little skewed at current and we have been terribly lazy about the farmers' market. Maybe getting this trip booked will take one thing away from my addled brain in a way that cooking can come back. Maybe not. The intention will remain present and that's a step toward achievement.

It also seems like there is so much to be doing creatively, but again, the desire far exceeds actuality. I need to be writing more. Knitting more. Creating with Arnold's pics more.

Being lazy about it less. Time will tell. Maybe I need to assign days for certain creative pursuits. An idea, but not so sure it's a good one or one that will work for me.

I picked up my tin to make this year's retablo for the show at

the Lawndale. I have picked out the photo I will use and maybe even this weekend I might get started so I am not doing it days before the deadline like previous years. I like at least having made the picture decision already.

Good Friend Irene was scheduled to visit this weekend after some company meetings in Galveston. The hurricane pile up in the gulf cancelled her meetings and her trip has been postponed until the first weekend in October. I am being extremely conscious of wanting to pout and sulk and throw a tantrum worthy of my inner fouryear old and it is taking my every effort to not let her out. Maybe she needs some cotton candy. Or annother Nutty Bar. Yes, that might be a short term band-aid.

I hate it when maybe is the word most rampant in my brain.

6 comments: said...

Oh no you didn't just say summer is over and the holidays are upon us!


eb said...

Maybe we should throw out the tv

maxine said...

Throw out the tv?? No. Lose cable?? Yes.

the only daughter said...

Speaking of tv..a local furniture company is running an ad noting for all those who don't know..Thanksgiving is (at the time I first saw it) 13 weeks away.


throw out the tv? lose cable? don't be rash...

SassyFemme said...

Fran and I find ourselves gravitating towards cooking more fall like foods, not wanting to grill as much or eat as many salads. It's like the body just knows it's fall, even if the thermostat isn't quite sure just yet.

I can't believe what a deal you got on the tickets. We were pricing flights out to see Jen and Matt, but we can't find anything even remotely close to that.

weese said...

I have heard about this fantastic plane fare.
while i am happy for you ...there is a touch of :(

and why is it you all are tossing your tv?