Sunday, January 06, 2008

Refining the No Sale plan

On my previous post, I was going to go on to say how the gift cards I got for xmas might now be savored as a sort of free money, an exception to the re-evaluated notion of shopping.

One of said gift cards was for Borders. Yes, I said was. It's history. I took my gift card to Borders today and shot my wad. I was going to be totally disciplined and only use it with coupons I get in email. I used a 30% off and $5 off coupon today and still shot the wad. If I hadn't bought an art magazine, I wouldn't have gone over the amount, but I only went over by a small amount. Art mags are needs, not wants, because eb and I are both working artists and we *need* inspiration. It feeds the soul, you know.

Other than Cloth, Paper, Scissors, I got 4 books, two of which were on my wish list, so I did shop discriminately after a fashion. Today's haul included "Signed, Mata Hari" by Yannick Murphy, and "The Tenth Muse" by Judith Jones, both previously on my wish list.

Not on my wish list was "The Mortal Groove" by Ellen Hart. Ellen Hart is on my short list of favorite lesbian writers and anything new by her will always be exempt from any shopping embargo. I also picked up "Zen and the Art of Knitting" by Bernadete Murphy. I have been cruising this book for quite a while.

As part of Chris' (linked as No Sale on the right)paring down, not only is nothing being bought this year, major purging is going on at her house. A few years ago, eb and I evvected a one in one out rule toward basic purchases such as clothing and shoes. For the most part, we have stuck to it rather well. I think it is time that I apply this to books. I am a bit of a book whore. Until recently, I have been a book whore particularly for mindless lesbian fiction, in particular lesbian mystery.

As I sit here in the library, I am looking at the shelves of lesbian fiction. I would guess there are somewhere between three and four hundred titles. A major weeding is upon us. I am not sure if I should put them in lots up on ebay, take them to Half Price books, or what. I recently reread my titles from Jaye Maiman, one of my favorites, and I think I might pt the lot of them on ebay and see what happens.

I have even thought of putting them on ebay as one huge lot with a reserve in the amount that the yarn for a sweater I want to knit for myself will cost. One habit funding the other. I rather like that, but I am not sure if it would be better to break them up or not. If anyone has any insightful thoughts on this, please pass them along.


SassyFemme said...

300-400 lesbian fiction books??? If you eBay those I wanna know!!! Haven't heard of Ellen Hart before, will have to check her out.

Oh, I wouldn't put them up in one huge lot, the shipping costs for that would be astronomical, even at book rate.

WordsRock said...

I think everyone is a working artist.

Sassy makes a good point about postage. Let me know, too, if you get around to putting them up. :)