Tuesday, January 01, 2008

All to our selves!

Going to the bathroom by yourself can at times be just a wee bit creepy. I am just back from the bathroom at just one of those times. Aren't you glad I shared?

EB and I are at work today. We got here at about 9:30 and not only do we have the office to ourselves, I think we have the entire building to ourselves. Dedicated, aren't we? That makes going to the bathroom and riding in the elevator just a wee bit creepy.

Actually I am here because otherwise my hours will be too few for us to enjoy the bank balance to which we have become accustomed. I am but a lowly hourly employee and when the office is closed for the holidays, if I don't work, I don't get paid. Of course there is the hope that I might eventually be a salaried employee here, but that isn't coming any time soon and it is really not entirely a bad thing if one plans accordingly.

New Year's resolution number one: Plan better next year for the holiday break so I can actually take the holidays off.

This morning, I actually slept til about 6:15. A bit later than what has been the norm recently. I was going to work on Kushu as it is nearly done. Instead, I decided to cast on a new project for the new year. I have committed myself to making the Celtic Knot Stole.

I studied the pattern a bit yesterday a little more deeply that I had when deciding to knit this. I now have confirmed that I am out of my mind. This shawl just might kill me.

I haven't done more than a scarf in lace, and when I did, it was with a larger needle and some fairly chunky yarn. Not this time. William helped me wind the 1300 or so yards of lace yesterday. It's some fairly fine merino. I am knitting with size 4 needles and currently on row 7. I am trying to decide if I prefer the circular as suggested in the pattern, or a pair of stainless straights. The straights have slightly more point.

I'm trying really hard to not think too far ahead to when I will be working two charts simultaneously. I have my highlighters ready.

I think we will work until about 3 or so and then maybe head to Pappadeaux for some Lobster Seafood Salad to start the year off right.

Happy New Year!

PS to the Contractor...we have a working toilet in the master suite as of about eight this morning. Thanks for getting on the crew's ass!


eb said...

Ooo...that lobster seafood salad rocks. Yum. But it doesn't rock as much as you, baby. Omigod I fucking love you.



Hot tea time!

weese said...

whoo hooo!!!
i want pics.
lets see that remodel.

(hey...calm down there E - you have another bathroom to start on now)

weese said...

you know...by the way -if you read your first sentence out of context, its pretty funny.

"Going to the bathroom by yourself can at times be just a wee bit creepy"

so...you want to go in groups?

maxine said...

Weese...ancient tribal customs?