Friday, December 14, 2007

Holiday restless

I wish there was a way to suspend reality, alter it to suit the day, then save it as the new reality. That's what we do as we go through life, I suppose, but it seems it might be better served if we could do it consciously without having to learn life's little lessons along the way.

What would happen if a person consciously came to a point where they felt no need to learn further lessons? Shouldn't said person be able to happily go on his or her way in that state of constant contentment. Is this enlightenment? Realizing you have learned life's lessons and need not learn any more?


SassyFemme said...

But how would you know that you really learned all of life's lessons?

There are definitely days lately that I would really like to alter, and make the new reality!

weese said...

ok max...what are you smokin' today.

eb said...

She's smokin' basil. It's apparently the 'happy herb.'