Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Did you hear that loud bang?

It was the sound of one door closing. I need everyone to be clear on this just in case The Universe isn't paying attention. I can't give notice at my current job until I have another offer on the table. I was going to say I officially hate my job, but that isn't accurate. I actually like my job and I am rather good at it. it is my employer I am less than fond of. Toxicity has reached a new level and it is soon time to go, if The Universe will cooperate. MAW, get to work. xo.


Anonymous said...

For fucksake, I heard it all the way over here! How could OGAPI not cooperate with The Queen? -maw

the only daughter said...

The gf recently had her own big bang.

She decided to give the universe a shove. The buyer's remorse is beginning to fade.

Piloting good vibes your way.

weese said...

geez. would you just get up here.

SassyFemme said...

Where are things at w/you guys moving?