Tuesday, June 12, 2007

And so it was

I was so stressed out going into work this afternoon. I even thought, for a brief moment, that I should call in sick so as to avoid the confrontation with my boss. I immediately saw the flaw in that plan as it would just have me more stressed out tomorrow.

I saw her as soon as I got to work. She reacted as I knew she would. I said specifically, "I need to drop Tuesday and Thursday altogether as I just cannot handle the evenings." She said, "Well do you want to work til 6 on T and Th and just close 2 registers before you leave ond someone can close the third?" Umm, no, I need to drop T and Th altogether as I just cannot handle the evenings."

She then did a little For Fuck's Sake (tm GFI) in her own full of charm and never uttering the word fuck in her life suthin way and was totally talking out loud to herself. Well, if I am sitting there in the room, and you are talking out loud to yourself, you're sorta talking to me. So I was answering. She said something about compromised coverage and I replied that it could no longer be my concern. "Well of course not, Max, I was talking to myself. I'm just trying to figure out what we can do..."

I stressed to her that this was about my illness. I was telling her at one point how I appreciated that her concerns were company related and not personal toward me. I then told her my concerns were company related, too. In particular, I told her that I felt that if my Crohn's was a visible disibility, I would have been given the modified schedule I requested a few weeks ago. That put her radar up and she got up from her desk and went down to the main office to call the Assistant Manager out of a meeting in another store to ask what to do. Amazing how the word disibility being thrown in made the sparks fly.

She came back explaining that with our new system (new next week) schedules were locked in three weeks out and my new schedule can't go into effect until 7\1. funny that not 30 minutes prior, she had been asking me if I needed any edits for the week before that. She could edit that week to drop me out T and Th, yes? I did not push it because my new boss is a pushover...umm...flexible.

JCP is just less and less a company I want to work for. Maybe that is taking care of itself.

So the new job... I will be the assistant to not one, but two! Two hotshot art directors. Both who like me well enough. One even loves me dearly. They can totally have their way with me.....

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the only daughter said...

The goddess works in mysterious ways, then again.. maybe not so mysterious.

Congrats! and continued goodness.