Friday, May 05, 2006

It's vacation, she could blog if she wants to, blog if she wants to, blog if she wants to...

What a long day it was yesterday. Up at 5 am to make a 730 flight (I stepped onto the plane at 720!) then off to Philly for lunch, a cheesesteak, of course. We went to the Reading Terminal Market and after eating we walked around the place a bit. Back in the corner is a little snacky gifty place and I discovered insane genius.

Marshmallow peeps dipped in milk chocolate. It was really stupid of me not to but all of them. I should have known they would be just about perfect. They had a nice thick coating of creamy milk chocolate leaving just their little peep heads exposed. They have to be able to breathe, you know. And yes, I typed it right, had. I got 2 packs of 2 as they were post Easter buy 1, get 1 free. The possibilities of how good they were going to be distracted me from the inherant reality of knowing I should buy them all.

There was an ice cream plave and I got a mocha mudslide which was good in a cloyingly sweet kinda way. We drank about half of that on the way back to the car. We also bought some other small stuff, some high fiber low salt Pennsylvania Dutch pretzels for my dad, some choc dipped pretzels for our hosts, and some treats for the doggy doggs who own their house.

We would have bought some jewelry if the woman in the shop had acknowledged our presence, but she was intent on the man who was just looking and ended up walking away with nothing. All she needed to do was say she would be with us shortly and I woulda bought some new dykish earrings. Too bad for her.

Then we were off in the car and headed to VA. Nice drive, even if the car has previously been rented to a cigar smoker. There is a barely there remnant smell that most people would not even notice, I was actually glad for my sinuses acclimating to the new allergens assaulting my nose.

We got here at about 530 and sat on the deck drinking a few beers. There were lovingly prepared ribs for dinner, and we had a solo performance on guitar as we retired to the parlor. Talktalktalk til nearly midnight and time to hit the hay. I think all in all it was a lovely day of detoxing from work chaos.

As I left work on Wednesday, one of my coworkers asked when I would be back. I told them very seriously I wouldn't be coming back, I'd be hitting a lottery while away. Never looked back. Never cracked a smile.

Bought the winning ticket yesterday.


Deborah said...

And just think, I'll be able to say I *knew* you when.

Sounds like a most delicious day.

KMae said...

Thanks for your 1st day vacation report! Cool!