Friday, May 12, 2006

But is it a good thing?

It's a given that the proper ratio of cream cheese to crab, whether real crab or faux, can only be obtained when I make the crab puffs myself at home. PF Chang's comes damn close, but afterall, it's PF Chang's and one would expect this as well as expecting a hefty bill at the end of the divine meal.

One of my coworkers was recently mentioning how they always have a good meal from North China. I was skeptical because I already have a favorite place for Chinese food, and that would be Ambassador. It has been a fixture in Houston more than 25 years and Wendy the owner always recognizes us, and the grrls who work there always know our order before we even sit down. But, it isn't close to home. It isn't terribly far, but it certainly isn't close enough for take-out.

Dear Sweet Elizabeth has been working overtime this week in the driveway to get the car done enough for the Art Car Parade tomorrow. The car is looking spectacular given how brilliant she is, so yesterday, in support of her needing to paint more, I offered to stop by North China on the way home from work. It is actually on the way and I work just a mile from home, so it seemed the least I could do. I ordered shrimp friend rice, sesame chicken, egg rolls, and crab puffs. A good time was had by all. Tres. Yumm.

Of course I forgot about the leftovers when I came home for lunch and E had some when she got home from work, saving some for me. I knew that I wanted more of those cheesy crab puffs and mentioned that I would likely go get some once I detoxed off work a bit.

Good Chinese take out. Close to home. Maybe I just need to eat my next ten meals from there and get it out of my system.


Elizabeth said...

I can't believe we waited so damn long to get some o dat dern fine Chinee food. Ok, I know it's politically incorrect but that's what my grandmother used to call it - Chinee food. I have no idea why the 'ese' eluded her.

maxine said...

and after I refrained from saying takee outee...

Stuff You Should Know said...

I can't say I disagree.