Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tomorrow might be summer again, but today, it's definitely fall...

I have to make it official. I just increased the acceptable distance to travel from the office to pick up lunch to eight and a half miles. This is to include Spring Creek Barbeque in the offerings of places I can run out to when our efforts to be more frugal and healthful in our eating wane ever so slightly.

My knitting guild meets at SCB on the last Monday of the month and this is how I learned of the place. Sure, I have driven by it often enough, but bbq places can be a dime a dozen 'round these parts and I already have a favorite (that would be Goode Co. on I-10) so why bother trying another that I had never heard of?

Well, last month I had the slices beef sandwich which was pretty good, definitely good enough to eat once a month before a guild meeting, but it did nothing to shake the standing of my favorite. Then, last night, I had the chopped beef sandwich. It was nothing short of perfectly delightful. It was so delightful, that when my boss gently urged that she might want me to go pick up some lunch, I complied immediately with the SCB plan.

There potato salad? not so much. There banana pudding? I'll let you know after I have my afternoon snack.

I took the elevator down to the main floor of our building and braced myself for the heat and humidity of mid-day to wash over my 68 degree popsicle extremities. I opened the door and low and behold, it's Fall. Do you hear the glorios splendor that this announcement brings. Fall. In Houston. And it's still September. Heat of mid-day, and it was only a blessed seventy-seven degrees with only 53% humidity. I want an office window that opens! At least until tomorrow when this freakishly Fall weather disappears.

Might be a good night for some chiminea action.


the only daughter said...

I'm trying not to salivate over bbq (or potato salad or banana pudding)all over the keyboard... ok, crisis averted.

Fall is glorious when it does arrive (even if briefly). We've been tasting a bit here and there, even if the nights are a tad too cold.

Here's hoping the heat stays away for a while longer.

Donna said...

Oh how I love Goode Co. BBQ! When I was in Houston last time, Roy and I went there with some friends for some good eats. We have a place to get really good ribs here, but you don't get all the great "fixins" like they have -- and who can compete with the best damn pecan pie in all the world! My mouth is watering now too!