Thursday, July 30, 2009


I have a coworker who might be obtuse. I say might be in acknowledging the possibility that it is I who might be the obtuse one. It's possible.

I find it bothersome that this is nothing more than a language barrier, she being of the younger buzz word dropping I might have gone to school for this variety, and me being of the older I've learned how to do this on the fly so maybe I am not explaining myself properly variety.

One of us is clearly obtuse.

Clearly the answer is to not over-think it or just not give a fuck. This is only one small part of what I do, updating a website that has paid subscribers. I feel that they should have a certain ease of access because they are paying for it. The real issue is that the file naming requirements produces a redundancy on the page that upsets my Virgo sensibilities.

I think I just need chocolate.

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eb said...

You are NOT the obtuse one. Anyone who uses buzzwords is immediately obtuse before the obtuse race even starts.