Monday, December 29, 2008

A year ago...

My good intentions have been straying for nearly a year. How does that happen? It isn't that there haven't been other good intentions in the mean time, but honestly a year? I don't understand how I could have been so remiss. It has been a year since I have posted over on the new blog, Cultivating Grace. I am so ashamed.

I need some sort of publishing goal for that blog. Daily is definitely out of the question and weekly, too, seems daunting. Monthly seems lazy. Twice monthly seems achievable. I will declare it. My goal for CG for 2009 shall be twice monthly.

I read an awesome book a few months back, so awesome that I took notes as I reread it immediately upon finishing it the first time around. I had an entire post in my head surrounding the notes for the CG blog and poof. It is missing. The notes might be findable and I think I might make this an immediate task. I think I will order the book too as I had it from the library on the first go round.

The book is called The Knitting Sutra and it is by Susan Gordon Lydon. It is subtitled Craft as a Spiritual Practice. I know there are those among you who scoff at the idea of reading a knitting book, but honestly, this book is suitable for the non-knitter. I challenge you to check it out from the library, read it, and then tell me it isn't great. You know you want to...

My other goal for the new year is to get my shop up and running. That has been languishing since Nov 07. Imagine renting a store front and just letting it sit there for a year. That wouldn't happen so I guess it is time to take it a wee bit more seriously and be a tad more proactive in its pursuit.

That leads to my other goal. More knitting.

Simple enough.



Mary, Mary... said...

I got your msg about the reading--thanks. I wish you a very happy and healthy New Year. We could all use one, I think....

Laura said...

I have read the Knitting Sutra and many other nonfiction knitting books - I find them inspiring and connecting to others who love the craft of knitting and crochet & who love fiber. The KS author has another book - Knitting Heaven and Earth - this book is very poignant due to the fact that the author died shortly after it was published. Zen and the art of knitting is another good title.
On the fiction side Knitting by Anne Bartlett is a lovely story of human fraility and the knitting connection between strangers - lovely! As you can tell, I love to read about knitting as much as I love to do it!
Have fun!!!