Thursday, November 15, 2007

Holy Vaginistas, Teresa is 40!

I was looking throught my blog entries for September 2004. That is when I turned the big 40. As I sit here listening to holiday music on my iPod, I can feel the rosy glow as if it were only yesterday. Relatively, it seems as if I am 40 still. I think 40 is that kind of landmark year. I think I might feel 40 until I am 52 (the magical AARP year). Truthfully, I think I feel 37, but that isn't what today is about. Today is all about Teresa turning 40.

Happy Birthday Teresa!!

So while I was browsing my archives, I found a post from the last day of my 39th year. I had gotten a card from my mom for my birthday with the standard $50 check. There was a note inside. My mom always includes a note because she thinks it is ridiculous to send a card for anything and not include some sort of personalized note. My mom and I have never been overly affectionate so imagine the tears in my eyes after reading this:

"Put 9-11 in the back of your mind and never forget.

But in the forefront of all your thinking know that on Sept. 11, 1964

a bundle of joy and delight brightened our door.

In your future always remember to put your many talents to good use for yourself and all womankind.
Love Mom--

P.S. I just was reading this over and it almost sounds like preaching. Or maybe I should get to work and
get that book started."

This is the most intimate sentiment ever expressed to me by my mother. And it is a totally auspicious beginning to my forties. It truly has only gotten better as each day passes.


the only daughter said...

for all womankind So lovely.

SassyFemme said...

I hate to be the bearer of this news, but AARP is now 50, not 52. Fran got her card last year.

eb said...

This totally kills the whole '50 is the new 30' idea.

Teresa said...

My mother sends me a $50 check every year too! But she's never, ever suggested that I'm capable of doing anything that would be of any service to all womankind. Nope. Not once.

As for my psychic age? Aside from the odd health issues, I feel about 26, an age I assumed psychologically around age 12. Who knew that early maturation was reversible?

sporksforall said...

Isn't it odd when mothers surprise us? There's a part of me that likes it and a part that thinks, "stay the same!" Glad yours surprised you in a good way.