Thursday, August 30, 2007

Not to give you any ideas, but it *is* about hot tea, right?

The _______ Hotel is one of ________’s most distinctive and beautiful landmarks. Built in 1908 at the height of British influence in ______, the _______ is a fine example of late Victorian colonial architecture, and has been carefully restored to its full grandeur. Walk through the lobbies and main halls to admire the lofty and intricately carved mahogany ceilings. Many of the hotel’s original fixtures are still present, including 12 massive and ornate chandeliers.

For many visitors the _______ is synonymous with afternoon tea. The chef has taken the British tradition of tea time and raised it to an art form that is enjoyed by over 100,000 people each year. Tea includes small sandwiches of smoked salmon and cream cheese, carrot and ginger, egg salad and cucumber; then on to fresh scones, homemade preserves and thick jersey cream. A selection of fresh pastries rounds out the meal. All are of course accompanied by _______ blend tea, served in Royal Doultan china. Past diners have included Queen Elizabeth II, Harrison Ford, Barbara Striesand, and John Travolta, to name just a few. Dress is "smart casual" with no torn jeans, short shorts, or jogging suits.


Andrea said...
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maxine said...

I changed your comment, Andrea, because the post is a tease to my partner as this entire ordeal is a surprise for her. Please don't think it a problem, glad you commented. I am excited about this and it is a challenge to not blog it all and give up the surprise.

Andrea said...
"*Tea at ___________ blend is a selection of seasonal, quality teas, created exclusively for The ________ _______ by the Metropolitan Tea Company. With components from Assam (thick malty and full bodied), Kenya (floral-like flavor and a golden coppery infusion), South India (superb fruity and sprightly flavor), Ceylon (airy, almost piquant flavor), and China (burgundy depth with light oaky notes), it is truly one of the finest blends in the world."

So, theoretically there will be tea, right? :) Is it bad that I'm drooling already?

Wanted to say that I'd seen that too, and that I'm slowly coming out of my blogging shell, and I wanted to say thank you for adding me to your sidebar.

10:34 AM

Andrea said...

::chuckle:: fair enough! I wouldn't want to spoil any surprises.