Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Commit to Sit

Yesterday, eb and I began our Commit to Sit efforts. Our friend Irene is on board with this as well, and we are looking forward mostly to an improved sense of well being.

Sawyer is also taking the challenge rather seriously. While I was sitting this morning, he stood guard at the entrance of the meditation room and was very growly toward both Nola and Lilli when they attempted entry. Whe my timer went off at the end of my twenty minute sit, Sawyer was positioned across the threshold in a way that prevented either of the grrls entry, and they were both laying perpendicular to hime waiting for me to emerge. I think they like the energy shift.

I am also incorporating a few yoga poses with my sit time in a n effort to bring yoga back to my daily schedule. It will work, or it won't, and only time will tell.


the only daughter said...

sounds like a lofty endeavor. i won't even pretend to think that i might try it and that it might work for me. at least not yet.

~~peace. be. still.~~
maybe, someday.

Sharon said...

Good luck. My life is so out of control right now I have been considering learning to meditate. I'm not sure where to begin though or even where I'd find the time to do it.

KMae said...