Monday, December 25, 2006

Xmas time is here...

Did you hear me snoring? That was right before my phone rang at 8 am. I was just getting back to sleep, you know, that morning sleep after you were up at 5 to pee and at 630 with the dogs. The sleep when you have all sorts of weird and profound dreams. I was really looking forward to it after so many early and late work shifts this past week. And the damn phone rang.

I looked to see who was calling and had already ruled out my mom having just spoke to her yesterday. It read Willie's cell. He is at work this morning at the Lake Placid Hilton busy preparing the holiday buffet feast. Why would he be calling in the middle of his saute and roast?

Well, the call is from his cell, but not from him. It was from the kindly gentleman who found Willie's phone at the Whiteface Lodge. He's leaving it at the reception desk there to be picked up and called to tell me because I was listed as Mom. Nice.
Thanks Mr Skier Man on Vacation!!

So I called my mom in case the need to pick up and deliver the grandson's phone to him might in a weird twist of logic sort of way get my dad to take her to the holiday buffet feast for lunch today. Said mom, "Not for $26 each! But maybe your father will feel like a ride this morning. I will ask him when he gets up."

This was news. My dad has always gotten up at 5 am. No alarm, just conditioning. And 9 am their time and he isn't up? At 79 he is finally sleeping in. Good for you, pop.

Since I am up, I just made some deviled eggs, and I put the baked French Toast in the oven. Think bread pudding for breakfast and you're on the mark. I need to fry up some bacon and sauasage. Then a little later on I will get out the Brie wheel covered in fig spread and Marcona almonds. Then at some point there will be a chicken roasting in the oven nestled in broccoli. And finally some shrimp pan fried dumplings with buttery slices of filet mignon.

We began opening some pressies last night. My tally so far includes Mindful Knitting by Tara Jon Manning, Knit Two Together by Tracy Ullman and someone else, Night Vision by Ellen Hart, and season two of Babylon 5. Amazon wish list is a thing of beauty. Eveyone should have one.

Time to fry, maybe more later...

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